You can be sure

UTRECHT – In 20 minuten een liedje schrijven, kan dat? Uw verslaggevert ging bij zichzelf te rade en kwam tot een bevestigend antwoord. Daarmee zegt hij niets over de kwaliteit, dat laat hij graag aan de beoordeling van zijn geachte lezerspubliek over.

fish swim along
people walk by
when you went away
i didn’t ask why

one morning i woke
you had left the bed
i cried for an hour
and that was just that

believe it or not
the trees keep on growing
you can be sure
the wind keeps on blowing
believe it or not
this man keeps on rowing

well there are times
i think of some old day
but memories you know
they fade to grey

and when i see you in town
with the guy you just met
i cry for an hour
and that is just that


sometimes i’m waiting
but the bell never rings
you’ll just not come back
it’s one of those things

would i once meet you
with your son and your pet
i’ll cry for an hour
and that’ll be that







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